About Us..

   We started operate in 2009 to produce the car recovery equipment and other superstructure equipment to meet the needs the requirement of the customers. Cargolift  is operating in a 1000  m2 facility in Istanbul.

    Our mission is to provide quality products at competitive pricing with excellent service. Cargolift  has grown to be a trusted company in Turkey and throughout the world. The years of experience and the knowledge we have in the industry gives us the ability to produce and procure virtually any product needed by our customers. Our relationships with our customers and partners, our excellent after-sales support and our wide range of product distribution allow Cargolift products to be preferred in many countries superstructure industry.

    We would like to invite you to become a partner of the Cargolift family. You can be assured that at Cargolift you will receive the highest quality products and services available in the superstructure products group.

Reliable business and  solution  partner.