Truck Mounted Airport & Road Sweepers

  • Road Sweeper: Municipality cleaning equipment, long time service, native design, ready in-stock spare parts with affordable price,4,6,8,10 m3 capacity.

• Hydraulic & Pneumatic control

• Europen Standards • Improved Desing

• Variety of accessory options

• Long lifetime •Spare parts

• After-sales service , Vacuum System

  • Airport Sweeper: For apron cleaning, hydraulic and vacuum system, magnetic bar, 6,10 m3 capacity, durable, long time service, special design for the airport.
  • Diesel Engine,
  • Strong Design,
  • High Capacity,
  • Europen Standards,
  • Improved Design,
  • 4,6,7,8,10 m3 Hopper Capacity,
  • Variety of accessory options,
  • Long lifetime,
  • Spare parts,
  • After-sales service,

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